San Diego Labor Law Attorneys

Labor law in California casts a wide net. Employers deal regularly with some of the most comprehensive employment protection regulation in the country. When it comes to dealing with labor organizations, therefore, employers and business officers alike want to know that they have an adviser they can rely on.

Wolds Law Group PC provides its clients with the peace of mind they want when it comes to labor matters. An experienced firm that knows how to handle the most complicated employment cases throughout the state, Wolds Law Group PC has carefully built its reputation as a high-stakes labor law firm by successfully representing employers in California with respect to their most sensitive labor matters.

California Labor Litigation And Negotiations Attorney

The firm protects its labor law clients' interests in a wide variety of legal situations, including:

  • Litigation
  • Compliance
  • Arbitration
  • Collective bargaining
  • Grievance Resolution
  • Liability evaluation and litigation (MPPAA)
  • Withdrawal

In doing so, Wolds Law Group PC provides a superior level of service to clients in an efficient and client-centered manner. The firm's attorneys are also results-oriented. They understand that their advice is ultimately measured by the degree to which it contributes to the client's overall success.

Labor Law Attorneys: San Diego-Based, Statewide Service

Based in San Diego, the employer-side labor attorneys of Wolds Law Group PC accept appointments for initial consultations from potential clients throughout the entire state of California. Potential clients may contact the firm's lawyers online or by phone at 858-333-7470. All discussions between potential clients and Wolds Law Group PC remain entirely confidential.