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San Diego Lawyer For Structuring Benefits Plans For Trade Associations

Wolds VanderWal offers its comprehensive grasp of benefits law to trade associations throughout the state of California. The firm meets clients where they are, whether the client is just establishing a benefits plan or if the plan’s trustees require representation regarding compliance issues with ongoing programs.

In helping trade associations establish their benefits plans, the goal of Wolds VanderWal is to ensure that the benefits comply with federal and state legal requirements. In doing so, the firm proactively identifies the unique legal risks posed by any particular benefits plan and structures the plan accordingly so as to contain and manage legal risk to the plan sponsor and fiduciaries.

California Benefits Attorney: ERISA

The law regarding health benefit plans is developing today at a faster pace than at any time since the creation of ERISA in 1975. With this sea change, fiduciaries, of these plans now face more uncertainty regarding their legal exposure, including personal liability for plan mismanagement.

Wolds VanderWal understands that benefit plan fiduciaries serve as volunteers, generously dedicating their time to protect the resources of their fellow workers and employees. The firm for that reason emphasizes the accessibility of its lawyers to the firm’s clients. As a result, trustees retain Wolds VanderWal, knowing that they can count on the firm to be there if the plan encounters legal challenges.

Contact A Premier California Employment Law Compliance Attorney

For structuring benefits plans for trade associations, the San Diego attorneys at Wolds VanderWal accept appointments for initial consultations. Potential clients may contact the firm’s lawyers online or by phone at 858-333-7470. All discussions between potential clients and Wolds VanderWal remain entirely confidential.