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ERISA Litigation Lawyer: San Diego-Based, Nationwide Services

When faced with litigation, benefit plans and their fiduciaries throughout the state of California and throughout the Western United States turn to Wolds VanderWal for sophisticated and timely legal advice. Strategically positioned as a “go to” firm for the most difficult ERISA legal problems, Wolds VanderWal regularly advises important and publicly visible benefit plans. The more complex the matter, the more necessary it is for the benefit plan to be conferring with Wolds VanderWal.

San Diego ERISA Litigation Attorney

In ERISA litigation matters, Wolds VanderWal represents benefit plans whether they are defending themselves against legal actions or initiating litigation themselves against a third party. The firm provides its clients with legal services that proactively anticipate and are responsive to the most recent changes in benefits law.

The firm has represented the interests of benefit plans in a comprehensive variety of matters, including:

  • Recovery of 401(k) funds from former investment manager
  • Successfully defending fiduciaries against breach of contract and fiduciary duty claims
  • Defending plans in employee claims litigation
  • Collection actions against delinquent employers
  • ERISA preemption injunction actions

The firm provides its clients with the unique skill set necessary to litigate these matters in federal court. Because this litigation is exclusively federal in nature, the firm emphasizes its federal practice as a cornerstone of its practice. As a result of its extensive experience in federal litigation, Wolds VanderWal knows how to provide its clients with services that are both efficient and cost-effective.

Contact California Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Defense Attorneys

ERISA fiduciaries confronted with litigation turn to the experienced attorneys of Wolds VanderWal for sophisticated and timely legal advice. The firm accepts appointments for initial consultations from potential clients inside and outside of the state of California. Potential clients may contact the firm’s lawyers online or by phone at 858-333-7470. All discussions between potential clients and Wolds VanderWal remain entirely confidential.