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California Labor Law Compliance Lawyer

Wolds VanderWal handles the most complex cases faced by some of the largest employers throughout the state of California. As such, the firm regularly assists its clients with sophisticated collective bargaining litigation and arbitration.

Because the state of California has such a complex web of state-specific laws and regulations, California employers and officers know that they must retain a law office with a firm grasp of state and local laws. Clients confidently entrust their legal challenges to the experienced legal team at Wolds VanderWal, knowing that the firm’s attorneys possess the necessary knowledge base to meet these California state-specific challenges.

Collective Bargaining Agreements: Attorneys In San Diego Serving All Of California

The attorneys of the firm provide legal guidance to employers and officers regarding a full menu of labor-related legal situations, including:

  • Litigation
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Withdrawal liability assessments
  • Arbitration of contractual grievance

For all of these reasons, some of the most important employers in California turn to one resource for their legal advice: Wolds VanderWal. Holding a justifiable reputation throughout the state as a source of last resort for the most difficult cases facing employers and their legal advisers, Wolds VanderWal provides this superior level of advice to clients in an efficient and client-centered manner.

Labor Law Compliance: Attorneys Serving All Of California

Based in San Diego, the employer-side attorneys of Wolds VanderWal accept appointments for initial consultations from potential clients throughout the entire state of California. Potential clients may contact the firm’s lawyers online or by phone at 858-333-7470. All discussions between potential clients and Wolds VanderWal remain entirely confidential.