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San Diego Employer-Side Defense Lawyers: Serving San Diego, The State Of California And The Western United States

Wolds VanderWal protects employers’ interests across the complete spectrum of employment law litigation matters, including:

  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Harassment suits
  • Wrongful discharge
  • Arbitration of employment matters
  • Breach of employment contracts

The lawyers of Wolds VanderWal make it their job to provide the firm’s clients with a full menu of well-considered legal options. Thus informed, the firm’s clients can confidently make decisions regarding some of the most complex problems they will face.

Management-Side Employment Litigation: California Attorney Serving The Western United States

In providing these legal services, Wolds VanderWal also appreciates the needs of today’s business owner in an economic environment demanding more results in less time. For that reason, the firm maintains a philosophy of practicing law with the client’s perspective in mind. This client-centered lawyering means that Wolds VanderWal delivers its legal services promptly and in a cost-effective manner.

The firm also understands that, ultimately, the firm’s performance will be measured in terms of its contribution to the business’s overall success. For that reason, the firm’s lawyers always provide legal advice that is results-driven in addition to being technically sound.

Serving The Entire Western United States: San Diego-Based Employer Defense Attorneys

Based in San Diego, the employer-side attorneys of Wolds VanderWal accept appointments for initial consultations from potential clients throughout the entire state of California. Potential clients may contact the firm’s lawyers online or by phone at 858-333-7470. All discussions between potential clients and Wolds VanderWal remain entirely confidential.